Chords is a simple and easy tool for music generation, mainly focused on chord progressions.

These chords are exportable to MIDI format as input to your favorite DAW.

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I'm Jonathan, the lonely guy building this.


I played a few musical instruments when I was younger, but somehow, I now know jack sh*t about music theory.

So when I began trying to make my trash beats near the end of 2020, it was pretty hard for me to form chords in the FL Studio piano roll.

Chord progressions, chord inversions, seventh chords, major/minor chords, were difficult concepts for me to grasp as I watched YouTube tutorials.

I also got tired of seeing those "Unison MIDI Chord pack" advertisements, and thought that I could build something a bit better.

P.S. if you're curious about how this generator works, this video is the best resource I've found on learning how chord progressions work, starting from 0.